the unperfect kind of storm

we were a storm, but not like the rest. we were an iconically complex storm only revealed when nature aligned. we started like all storms do, coming together in the sky. then we started to rain, in a cute fairytale kind of way, barely sprinkles the slightest of a drizzle. but like most storms we quickly grew, the thunder started next. it came in quick little bits like a timid lion learning to roar. soon we soaked the world around us, and all that we saw was gray… the lightning started and the thunder found its voice. the rain no longer soft and gentle was now out to do some damage. like all storms we could only keep up this battle for so long, the elements wore and hearts tore. eventually, everything stopped, and once again we saw the sun, but no one ever saw a rainbow. everyone knows the closure a rainbow holds, it seals the deal in a way simple and sweet. proving that the worst is over and war is finished. we were a storm that never had a rainbow and maybe that’s why my heart is still so low…

a letter to you

your love was my addiction and my sweetest dream. we danced through the waves, counting on forever it seemed. perfectly designed, like missing pieces of the same puzzle, we fit together better the rest. the twists and the turns put us to the test; undefeated we stood, but life got the best. unknowingly divided, I gave it my all, but everything that goes up, soon has to fall. little did I know what the future would hold, I was simply convinced my heart was sold. time played its game and I learned that nightmares are dreams too, so here is a little reminder that my heart still shines blue. I remember the day that we jumped, and the ignition of our love triumphed. the ups and downs they came around, but the best of our love always seemed to abound. I would look at the stars knowing they shine just for you, but I was always told life is too good to be true. it seems that I won the battle but lost the war, for as the dust cleared my heart tore. we were not longer there, we now stood breathing different air. the more hope I put in the future, just appears to be my sense of humor. maybe, I should accept defeat, but all I’m looking for is the button that says repeat. I wouldn’t be me, without you, and I know that you could say the same too. while we are standing on our own, I hope with all my heart you have watched the memories dance on the wind as it’s blown. I wrote this piece hoping maybe things would change, but the hardest part about moving on, is learning to rearrange. so my last wish as I bid us adieu, is to simply say, I still love you.

Here We Stand

Kissed by the sun, scorched by the fire, built in the heat, and yet here you stand. Weathered away by time, disaster arrived when you least expected, adaptation is your nature, and yet here you stand. Crippled by over population, divided by poverty, wealth in adequately spread, and yet here you stand. Refusing to collapse, rebuilding is your forte, reconstruction becoming second nature, and yet here you stand.

Barely surviving, battling through the days, it’s all just a constant war, and yet here I stand. Lost to the slumber, seeking a refuge, it’s inconveniently just a recharge, and yet here I stand. Carrying the world, drowning in responsibility, defeated at best, and yet here I stand. Dancing in the storm, making the best of the pain, divulging a smile just seeking for life to be worthwhile, and yet here I stand.

I’m tired of the rules and the games I have to play. So I made some plans and they are in motion starting today. I have a future, it’s amazing I can tell. I’m pushing this little hermit right out of her shell. Complacent in life, it’s time I adventure before settling down, hoping only to change this town.

The Philippines and I are broken at best, but the sun gets in through the cracks and it keeps out the rest. So I’m eager to explore a newfound nation, and watch as it embraces creation, helping me to expand my own foundation. Yes, I know I’m going to bless this world, but what do they need? Instead they will teach me all the lessons I should heed.

Here’s to new adventures, broken within, here’s to the world I love to live in. Here’s to the Philippines, standing anew, and here’s to me, becoming brand new.

The Weather

Life is like the weather and we’re stuck trying to understand it together. It’s supposed to follow a pattern, or a plan, but it seems we are in a flood just looking for dry land. Like a tsunami is unexpected, we can’t pretend we aren’t affected.

Life is stable and seems to be going great, but those are minor things cause you can’t stop an earth quake. No matter how hard we try when the tornado comes, there’s no where you can hide. It’s a hurricane in a tropical ocean the heat from the equator just propelling its motion.

But, like life, the weather isn’t all bad, even though some of it tends to make us mad. The snow comes on just the perfect day, the atmosphere aligns so we can look out our windows to find, the world simply blanketed in a big white line. That isn’t the only time we see beauty, when the sun shines, it’s a brilliant blind. The heat warms our hearts making us forget some of the harder parts, the cold is now gone and life just keeps moving on.

Beauty Lies

Beauty lies within,
trapped under the surface,
deep within your heart.

They say, life is risk
But how does beauty relate
When they can’t compare?

Measured differently,
Beauty is indescribable
but beauty is more.

It is a smile,
an embrace, and compassion.
It is powerful.

Simply because it
changed the music, inviting
hope into the world.

So don’t be afraid,
to let it shine, because a real
beauty, has power.

The power of change,
making the world brand new
a refreshing hope.


Spring is the creation of the new, as we pull ourselves out of the perpetual blue. We are captivated with the bloom, it makes our hearts swoon.

Spring is the beginning of the revival, as we forget about mere survival. We sink into the sun, jumping head first into fun.

Spring is the season of insects and flowers, as we discover that our souls have power. We explore our passions, pursuing life a fashion.

Spring is the time categorized by rain, but the best part is that it washes away all the pain. We are then left refreshed, a clean slate and future unimpressed.

Spring is the hope of world coming from the cold, with stories and adventures to be told. We are through the great freeze, so now we look with admiration on the bees.

We find that life becomes grandeur simply because it all starts so pure. As the weather wears it down through summer, it simply is a bummer. So treasure this special time, while all of life seems to align.


He looked death in the eye, saying go ahead, try.
He wiped away the residue making us clean, and all that was left was this brilliant white gleam.
He took the broken pieces and stitched them tight, ensuring our future would shine bright.
He told the sea to calm, while He held us in His palm.
He feed thousand with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread, by His miracles He made quite the spread.
He turned water to wine, many thought that was beyond fine.
He spoke the truth while it was not sweet, He proved that even death could not defeat.
He taught that redemption was ensured, so He gave Himself to make us pure.
He showed His love through his final breath, as He accepted our horrific death.
He raced the clock, within 3 days He rose before it said, tic-toc.
He responded with His magnificent power, all in that pivotal hour.
He moved the stone, giving us a road map home.
He ripped the veil, dispelling any and all tales.
He appeared to encourage to His disciples, as He commissioned them to persevere the trials.
He left behind the facts, leaving Paul to write Acts.
He created the way we can finally come home, the new eternal way to never be alone.