Beauty by Brokeness

August 21st, 2017

I’ve recently come across a quote that has stopped me in my tracks. As a human being, as a writer, and most importantly as a friend. This quote is by Theodore Roosevelt and it reads…

“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Let’s just take a second and process the veracity that sits within those 13 simple words.

This quote isn’t about being successful, being popular, being known; this quote is about something much bigger – this quote is about the power that comes with caring. Authentic caring, the drop everything and help the stranger in the parking lot kind of caring.

I’m not sure that the majority of the population can comprehend the magnitude of caring like this. I can comprehend that caring can be an epidemic, so as I acquaint myself with life, I want to become complete in how I care for people.

I hope that you are able to catch onto the concept of caring, because one person can make a change but a whole group of people can make a culture. Let’s each be a changer and together we can create this culture, complete in caring for each other, our enemies, and most importantly, the least of these.

August 16th, 2017

As I have traveled and settled down only to repeat after the past few months. Something has been on my heart. It’s the grandness of the Lord. For years I have watched as He worked in other people’s lives, hoping only that one day I too could experience that power and greatness within my own life. Well, that day has come; trials and tribulations have mounted, but the Lord’s plan will prevail.

Through out the past 9 months the Lord has taken to not only growing my courage, but also taken to growing my faith, my hope, my love, and my heart. I can honestly say that without complete surrender you are sitting within your comfort zone. If the Lord wants you out, He will find a way to strip those items of comfort from you. Whether that be relationships breaking away, friend groups changing, or tangible things being removed in one way or another.

However,(this is the important part) the God we serve is a GOOD God and when we surrender to Him, He is more than capable of redeeming any and every situation. Recently, I was able to experience this personally. I sat, broken in my human mindset, trapped in my human thinking, and unable to understand the why behind the situation. But, I never was supposed to understand. I was simply supposed to trust that the God I serve is bigger than any mountain that arises.

In His amazingly perfect timing the Lord redeemed all that I had lost. In ways bigger and better than I ever could have imagined them to have been. Door after door opened as if He was the one opening me back up to the life I dreamed I would have. With new clarity and a refreshed trust in the Lord, I went on to live the best week of my life. Open to the path He paved for me; I experienced life in ways I never thought possible. As I returned to my normal life, or my new normal life, I was changed. In more than just a perspective expanded kind of way. In a way that alters your daily living, a way that displaces your heart, a way that beckons you to change the culture around you. So my only request is that you open yourself to the culture you are missing, but be careful, you won´t be comfortable at first and it´s not at all in your comfort zone.