Thriving Or Surviving?

I’ll start by asking a question that changes the scene. A question that snaps you back to reality from your daydreams… A question that cuts straight to the chase.

Are you thriving or merely surviving?

Do you believe we were created in the mundane, with hearts now to tame. That we were created with a purpose and had passion poured over us. That there is fire within, but we’re too afraid to let the light in.

Do you believe we sit in anguish, never awakening our heart. Conquered by fear, we shield our ears, knowing that what we don’t hear, can’t hurt us. Surrounded by isolation, table for 1, please.

Do you believe that we pick our friends out of necessity? People just like us so we never have to change. People comfortable in conformity, and relaxed in repetition, never looking for a new adventure. See we all sit at home with Netflix, so that we don’t accidentally awaken what makes our hearts tick.

Because if the flame of our hearts started to burn, we now have a purpose that makes our stomachs churn. A purpose that ignites our souls to create hope, joy, peace, and love. A purpose that takes our comfortable life and just gives us a shove. A purpose that unlocks our inner child as we discover the power to dream.

To dream about the future, in a way that’s unknown. In a way that could take your life and shake you to the bones. To dream about the future, in a way where nothing is impossible, because even the word itself says, I’m possible. To dream about the future in a way that creates momentum, for the things yet to come.

These are the dreams we fear deep inside. The dreams that draw us out of solitude and into the crowd that make your heart start pumping, so fast and so loud.

But you know, your dreams hold a vision, that only you can see. A vision so scary it seems best to just let it be. It’s a vision that has potential to change the world you know, a vision that could alter the fabric of life. A vision that could end the noonday strife. A vision that captivates the people around you, radiating light that may seem too good to be true. A vision that welcomes the lost to a home. A vision that stands against being alone.

So if I asked, this question and you answered truthfully, where do you fall? Are you awakened in passion, or living in the ordinary? Maybe you are somewhere in between, but which side draws you in? Do you choose to be conquered by fear or the conqueror of truth?

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