Hope is Alive

Overwhelmed and defeated, shattered at best. Drowning in expectations; looking for an island. Seeking a refuge during this distress. Unable to communicate with the rest of the world. It’s just me and my broken heart. Beauty is a thing of the past, as my pillow catches countless tears.

Created for a purpose, sunken in responsibility. Crafted with a passion, extinguished with intensity. Struggling to stay afloat, barely able to survive a day. Choices left & right, but unable to decide I look at all my options. Walking on autopilot​, getting things done, it’s the same every day…

Kickstarting my week with freedom, but that quickly became foreign land as the world closes in. Running a marathon, unable to keep up, my mind is exhausted carrying the weight of the world.

I know I can’t do it alone for you stand with me, but unsure of your plans for my season, I wait; desperately looking for the light. Mountains growing around me, darkness surrounding. He’s in the waiting, or so they say; but with every growing day, my patience is tested and darkness prevails.

For I know that you are good, your plans better than I could ever design. You never let me down, my rock and my refuge.

My hope is built on the truth that you are alive. But in conjunction with your hope, ​the greatest of these is love. A powerful counter to any and all attacks. Because time is of the essence and love conquers every defense.

I press on, ignoring the steady ache in my heart, all to simply show that the world doesn’t thrive in fear and pain. Only through the times when it rains do you see how important it is that love, once came.

As this season starts, I am committed to encompassing love, in a reckless, never changing, always present, ever patient way. A way that reaches into the soul, drawing out hearts. A way that captivates courage, as it inspires transparency.

An honest love, grown in sadness, exploding in pain, as this season sparks cheer. Coming in like a freight train – leaving a different story to tell.

At the end of the day, ​I dwell, in the waiting – patient for your time, embracing your words, and rising to your challenges as you grow a soul that creates the kingdom.

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