Have You Ever

Have you ever seen the world, through the eyes of my soul?

A visionary captivated by love, fostered in brokenness, living in truth. I see the world ruled in disillusion, trapped in darkness, living in hopelessness. So much to see but it all eats away at my sacred heart. Chipping away layer by layer, really just an excavation site waiting for a treasure. Deep inside, I hold something the darkness can never overcome – truth.

I see the world as a platform for revival, exploding with possibilities, living in expectancy. I see the world home to a life – one that could be vivacious at the core. A world parched for reality. I see the world like a dry garden, needing only the one life-sustaining resource for survival – water. Only in my world, water is truth and I’m holding the nozzle,​ as everyone else kinks the hose.

So, next time you see the world try looking through my lens, at at the hurt, the healed, the angry, the unbothered, the lonely, the popular, the unprepared, the overly equipped, the broken, and the beautiful. Look at the burdens people carry till you can’t take it any longer…then keep looking. I see the world created for greatness but living only for survival.

I see the world through eyes that never relent.

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