I Really (Can)’t

I really can’t take the culture we live in, I really can’t take the world soaking in sin. I really can’t take the lack of community & how we have forgotten our sense of unity. I really can’t take the lack of communication, like we are all living in a permanent vacation. I really can’t take the terrible people or their judgement, like it to not you aren’t my judge and your sentence has no say. But I’m not going to tell you everything I can’t take, instead I’m going to let you in on my plans to remake.

This world is drenched with hurt and despair but all that means to me is that there is a lot of room for care. We each were given a lovely heart, they are just in need of a jump start. Don’t you worry I have the jumper cables, so I’ll start you up and you can help me shift the tables.

I am a dreamer with an attitude of hope, see revival is possible but you can’t make that happen if you are only living for survival. I challenge you to start living for more, so get out in the community and take a tour. If what you see breaks your heart, I know the feeling and you aren’t alone, but to truly make a difference we each must get off our throne. We are called to be the hands and feet, unfortunately living like that has proved to be quite the feat.

So I choose to be relentless, simply because I know that life happens within the mess. I am not afraid to kiss culture good-bye because what I have to offer is much more valuable than anything current culture can provide. The key here isn’t to be high and mighty but to simply start meeting people’s needs, learning to be there in a way that shows them you care – through your deeds.

I’ve set out to make a change, one that many people can’t comprehend it’s entire range. I crave the most out of life, but to get each flavor you have to learn how to walk to the beat of a different drum. To alter the way you have always strummed. Just because it’s what has always been done, doesn’t mean it can’t ever change to become. Possibility is a open door, you just have to have the courage to seek more.

I’m leading this movement from a different place, learning to lead from the back, picking up the pieces the world has dismissed. Changing up the definition of power and reaching for what has always been available all these changes seem unbelievable but I chose a way that isn’t debatable.

I choose to embracing the counter-cultural, the odd and the radical. Because to make something like this happen you have to dream wildly, live differently, love recklessly, and lead courageously.

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