The Movement

The people of the movement are changed and radical. To some appearing insane, but to others simply irresistible. Crafting an atmosphere of the tangible love that touches us. Learning how to heal the broken, starting with ourselves.

We change the culture in baby steps, one piece at a time. Opportunity is our best friend as we seize each moment. Drastically different we stand out in a crowd, subjected to the backlash of those who don’t understand.

Standing strong like the trees that were spoken into creation. Life breathed in our lungs from the start, jump starting our heart, we yearn for adventure. Crafted in love, coated in hurt, living in grace. We are learning to love ourselves and changing what we don’t love. Asking for the most out of life, we are seeking for guidance.

Always one step ahead searching for the next best thing, following your voice we move in our stories. With ups and downs we are a living testament of your provision. People living in the present, whatever that may bring. Trusting in your vision that we can’t always see, knowing your plan is greater than ours, absorbing your heart for people as a species.

Encountering your promises we soar on our wings, touching all the ends of the Earth. Living in abundance. Waiting on you, for the greatest gifts, as you declare the future, steadfast in our waiting.

We touch the people surrounding us in the moment, shifting their perspectives, crafting freedom. Encased in forgiveness with plenty to spare. Bringing this life giving, life saving, and life altering love to a world parched for attention.

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