Courageous or Cowardly?

Courage is a strange feeling, dominated by hope and created in fear. Not easily found but easily extinguished, like a candle in a hurricane. Having courage can be easy, but being courageous is what takes grit. They knock you down, but the courageous stand up; brushing of the dust and moving forward. The cowardly either trip them on their way down, or stand up seeking revenge.

The courageous abound, changing everything they come in contact with. As they influence the culture and the culture influences them. They bring the best of every place with them, embracing the loving side of the world. Bringing new ideas and traditions home as they see the importance of connection.

The cowardly are hyenas, seeking power, but it’s in a place never quite achievable. Atop pride rock, just not exactly sitting in the safety of respect. Seeking privilege that comes with responsibility and respect that comes with honor, their brains are missing the connection between it all.

Attempting to distract the courageous the cowardly set the courageous up for a chance to prove their courage or submit to cowardice. Leaving us only one question, are you among the courageous or the cowardly?

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