Growth Equals Greatness

New York
Paths fork
Plans changed
Life rearranged
Happiness found
Boredom drown
Courage taken
Fearlessly awakened
Craziness survived
Grace revived
Mercy plentiful
Interaction beautiful
Soul refreshed
Body pressed
Tempers test
Little rest
Laughs abundant
Anger redundant
Love abounding
Overall astounding

Embarking on another adventure, life hasn’t ever felt so pure. Triumphs come with trials, but those experiences are just wisdom to be filled. Fear, anger, and hate attack but courage, grace, and love counteract. Life is meant to be lived, but not like the amazing race; because we all have a different end destination, and we arrive at our own pace. Time is meant to be given away, encouraging words are what you should say, just turn on the lights and brighten another’s day. Because the unexpected is consistently there, but there is no need to sit and pull out your hair. We take life in stride, knowing we always have someone at our side. Our people support us and hold us up, from the times of ease to the times that seem like a tease. We are a team, created to help each other achieve our dreams.

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