People. Heart. Soul.

I have contemplated back and forth about sharing this piece with you guys. It’s an old one and my style has much improved since it was written. But, the story is more symbolic than the piece, I hope you brought your snorkel because we are diving in.

Last year I came home from The Philadephia Project with a new calling. The calling to share my writing, in some form or another. We all know that practice makes perfect so I began writing much more regularly than I had ever before. Slowly, tidbits and chunks started forming whole pieces. This is one of those whole pieces.

Now, be prepared, it is not of my intensely edited, laconic, and (channeling my Mary Poppins) practically perfect in every way pieces that I usually post. This is a piece, that my whole being screams, rewrite, rewrite, rewrite. However, with the help of a friend, (you rock, by the way) I feel like this piece would lose it’s symbolism if I let my perfection rush in to change it.

That being said, I just pulled it out of the archives. On July 6th it will have been exactly a year since I pulled this piece together as I started learning how to work through my brain, to write and convey exactly what I wanted.

This piece, represents that time changes, growth happens, but sometimes, you are back to square one but, (read this real slow) THAT. IS. OKAY. Your temporary situation is never your final destination. So on this beautiful 4th of July, I want to remind you that we have freedom, the freedom to change.

I hope you guys are able to set your eyes on a final destination and maneuver your way through all the temporary situations. If you are like me, starting over again; I hope you take time today to relish in what you overcame in the last year, sometimes square one is just a new building site, to make whatever you want.

“It’s always interesting the way life plays out. Sometimes all you can do is just shout. You introduce yourself constantly. Hoping for someone to remember you instantly. Meeting new people is always a jam, because who doesn’t love having even more fam? Everyone you meet is always intriguing. Maybe because we are all individual human beings.

From sepia to color, life becomes an art show. It’s people that make our lives glow. Through thick and thin, purity and sin, present for each loss and every win.

Every person has a sense about them. These senses captivate us each in a different way, some happy, some dramatic, some amazing, and some beyond descriptions. Ya, they become such a major part of life, almost like a prescription. Cause we can’t live without, we begin to think it’s what life is all about.

It’s all the same, boys and girls alike, emotions play with our hearts only to be like physic. Searching and searching for the perfect match, confused about life, all anyone wants in this world is a husband or wife.

Swooning through the days, living life in a haze. Feelings filling your mind, emotions of every kind. Confusion is prominent, thoughts and assumptions become dominant. Lost in your own head, just hang on to all the words that they said. Sitting and waiting for a sign, holding on to any lifeline.

Life is so strange. See, we look for what we can’t find, our hearts appearing blind. Wanting this and yearning for that, a relationship of any kind seems like way to much time. The heart wants what the head enjoys. We wait anxiously trying to talk ourselves into being brave. Willing to be vulnerable, for vulnerability in return. Someone straight forward, to tell me what they want. Or more importantly, what they really think. To know their actual thoughts, and intentions. Just remove the mystery and open our eyes.”

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