People Talk

People talk about the weather, people talk about their sweaters. People talk about their occupations, people talk about their obligations. People talk about their hopes, people talk about all the reasons they have to mope. People talk about the fashions, people talk about their passions. People talk about their opinion, people talk about oblivion. People talk about the way that they care, people talk about the weights they bear. People talk about their responsibilities, people talk about their priorities. People talk about looks, people talk about books, and people talk about all the paths that they took. People talk about success but never about the things that ended in a mess. People talk about life like it’s a highlights reel, only showing the best; but they forget that we all endure our fair share of trials and tests. So this is for you, because people often forget that we are each made unique and learning where we fit in and belong is quite the feat.

Here’s to the dreamer, go after what you see; for you will be the change, if you have the power to believe. So dream, as far and wide as you can because the most insane dreams only need a plan.

Here’s to the realist, always take a step in the impossible direction. If you refuse to believe you can change the world, how is the world going to change you? See not only do you take from the world but you give in turn, so make the choice to give something that helps others learn.

Here’s to the speechless, you have a story. People need to hear it. Express what you feel, explain what you love, because, you. are. not. alone. You have a voice, and you speak for those who haven’t learned to talk; you are the stepping stones as they learn to walk.

Here’s to the talkative, embrace the silence. Magic happens when the world breathes in peace, welcome the open air and let it dissolve your every care.

Here’s to the responsible, you always have the option to say no. You can’t handle everything, trying to do so, won’t help anything! Take a breathe, move forward, and make some free time. Just remember, priorities are your friend, saying no doesn’t mean the world has to end.

Here’s to the ones still figuring it out, we all make mistakes. Sadly, life only happens on the first take, so don’t be the last person to admit when you do something wrong, be the bigger person, it helps the world get along.

Here’s to the pushovers, don’t be afraid to find your backbone. Even if it break you can always just come right back home. Your opinion matters, so don’t let anyone tell you differently; your ideas are important so foster them gently.

Here’s to the stubborn, be open to change, it won’t defeat you. Know what you stand for, but remember, fighting every battle won’t always win the war. Let some things go, and focus on embracing the natural semi-chaotic flow.

Here’s to the go-getters, you are the difference makers! The tangible change in the culture, inspiring hope, courage, and love. Know that you ARE making a difference no matter, how it feels, your relentless nature has such great appeals.

Here’s to the laid back, don’t stop the go-getters, someone has to the run the company you work for. Without the adventures we wouldn’t have a world to explore. Don’t discourage their work ethic, their dreams have become iconic.

Here’s to the resilient, admit when you are in over your head, don’t let yourself drown. Remember, you can only do some much. Everyone hits a wall, so it’s best to learn the safest place to fall.

Here’s to the broken, YOU are a masterpiece. Let someone know the real you, don’t put on a show for everyone, it’s okay to need a personal day. Afterall, it’s your life, so you get the final say.

Here’s to the emotional, you can’t shut off your feelings, don’t try too. Pain and sorrow suck, but without them, how would we know the feeling of love and hope? Don’t let the world break your tenderness, learn to love your selflessness.

Here’s to the lost, it’s okay to wonder. You won’t ever have all the answers. Learn to embrace the unknown, it’s okay to be ridiculously joyful about not knowing where you are going next. It just means your maturity is put to the test.

Here’s to the hurting, find rest for your soul, not your body. Make sure you care for yourself on an emotional and mental level. Make a point to love yourself by meeting your needs, after all, you will be surprised with where life leads.

People talk about the highs and the lows, but no one ever gets around to talking about what creates the woes. People talk about the lows and the highs, but no one ever talks about the times when your dreams don’t quite reach the sky. But, life isn’t about perfection, it’s about expression. So here is to you, expressing what you own, and here is to you rewriting the unknown.

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