Now We Stand

A continuation of Here We Stand…

Here we stood bound for destruction, awaiting devestation, and the future looking dismal. There we stood our fates looking dim, our stories highlighting defeat, and the weather perpetually grey. There we stood, counting the hours, enduring the minutes, fostering a single ray of hope. There we stood knowing that light can’t shine without the dark, so we set about to penetrate the world with our abounding love.

This spark of hope grew to be a flame, quickly becoming a fire, it engulfed the surroundings eating away at the dark one ray at a time the light broke through reminding me that we can too.

Now we stand on the edge of insanity, bathed in passion, awakened with love. Now we stand captivated with wonder, in awe of creation, filled with grace. Now we stand together as one, exploring ourselves, destined to be great. Now we stand with a zeal for like, a story to write, and an eye for adventure. Now we stand lathered in faith and coated in compassion. Now we stand accepting the call, trusting the journey, and inspiring bravery.

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