the unperfect kind of storm

we were a storm, but not like the rest. we were an iconically complex storm only revealed when nature aligned. we started like all storms do, coming together in the sky. then we started to rain, in a cute fairytale kind of way, barely sprinkles the slightest of a drizzle. but like most storms we quickly grew, the thunder started next. it came in quick little bits like a timid lion learning to roar. soon we soaked the world around us, and all that we saw was gray… the lightning started and the thunder found its voice. the rain no longer soft and gentle was now out to do some damage. like all storms we could only keep up this battle for so long, the elements wore and hearts tore. eventually, everything stopped, and once again we saw the sun, but no one ever saw a rainbow. everyone knows the closure a rainbow holds, it seals the deal in a way simple and sweet. proving that the worst is over and war is finished. we were a storm that never had a rainbow and maybe that’s why my heart is still so low…

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