a letter to you

your love was my addiction and my sweetest dream. we danced through the waves, counting on forever it seemed. perfectly designed, like missing pieces of the same puzzle, we fit together better the rest. the twists and the turns put us to the test; undefeated we stood, but life got the best. unknowingly divided, I gave it my all, but everything that goes up, soon has to fall. little did I know what the future would hold, I was simply convinced my heart was sold. time played its game and I learned that nightmares are dreams too, so here is a little reminder that my heart still shines blue. I remember the day that we jumped, and the ignition of our love triumphed. the ups and downs they came around, but the best of our love always seemed to abound. I would look at the stars knowing they shine just for you, but I was always told life is too good to be true. it seems that I won the battle but lost the war, for as the dust cleared my heart tore. we were not longer there, we now stood breathing different air. the more hope I put in the future, just appears to be my sense of humor. maybe, I should accept defeat, but all I’m looking for is the button that says repeat. I wouldn’t be me, without you, and I know that you could say the same too. while we are standing on our own, I hope with all my heart you have watched the memories dance on the wind as it’s blown. I wrote this piece hoping maybe things would change, but the hardest part about moving on, is learning to rearrange. so my last wish as I bid us adieu, is to simply say, I still love you.

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