The Weather

Life is like the weather and we’re stuck trying to understand it together. It’s supposed to follow a pattern, or a plan, but it seems we are in a flood just looking for dry land. Like a tsunami is unexpected, we can’t pretend we aren’t affected.

Life is stable and seems to be going great, but those are minor things cause you can’t stop an earth quake. No matter how hard we try when the tornado comes, there’s no where you can hide. It’s a hurricane in a tropical ocean the heat from the equator just propelling its motion.

But, like life, the weather isn’t all bad, even though some of it tends to make us mad. The snow comes on just the perfect day, the atmosphere aligns so we can look out our windows to find, the world simply blanketed in a big white line. That isn’t the only time we see beauty, when the sun shines, it’s a brilliant blind. The heat warms our hearts making us forget some of the harder parts, the cold is now gone and life just keeps moving on.

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