Spring is the creation of the new, as we pull ourselves out of the perpetual blue. We are captivated with the bloom, it makes our hearts swoon.

Spring is the beginning of the revival, as we forget about mere survival. We sink into the sun, jumping head first into fun.

Spring is the season of insects and flowers, as we discover that our souls have power. We explore our passions, pursuing life a fashion.

Spring is the time categorized by rain, but the best part is that it washes away all the pain. We are then left refreshed, a clean slate and future unimpressed.

Spring is the hope of world coming from the cold, with stories and adventures to be told. We are through the great freeze, so now we look with admiration on the bees.

We find that life becomes grandeur simply because it all starts so pure. As the weather wears it down through summer, it simply is a bummer. So treasure this special time, while all of life seems to align.

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