He looked death in the eye, saying go ahead, try.
He wiped away the residue making us clean, and all that was left was this brilliant white gleam.
He took the broken pieces and stitched them tight, ensuring our future would shine bright.
He told the sea to calm, while He held us in His palm.
He feed thousand with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread, by His miracles He made quite the spread.
He turned water to wine, many thought that was beyond fine.
He spoke the truth while it was not sweet, He proved that even death could not defeat.
He taught that redemption was ensured, so He gave Himself to make us pure.
He showed His love through his final breath, as He accepted our horrific death.
He raced the clock, within 3 days He rose before it said, tic-toc.
He responded with His magnificent power, all in that pivotal hour.
He moved the stone, giving us a road map home.
He ripped the veil, dispelling any and all tales.
He appeared to encourage to His disciples, as He commissioned them to persevere the trials.
He left behind the facts, leaving Paul to write Acts.
He created the way we can finally come home, the new eternal way to never be alone.

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