It Is What It Is

You take shots from life alternating left and right. Hoping only to find a cure, something to make life seem pure. A fact about life is that while it’s becoming to have it all together, we find ourselves caught in the little moments forgetting to glance to the brighter weather. See, life comes in waves, with both crests and troughs, it’s our behavior that dictates the enjoyment of our days.

The crests launch us high towards the sky, all while they teach us to fly. We soar through the air, with the wind blowing in our hair. There we find freedom from the pain and sorrow, hoping that it stays away until tomorrow. The top of the world, 100 feet tall, at the edge of the Earth, won’t stumble and fall. How great the view, so we sing praises from within our pew.

Through the troughs we mumble murmurs of hope, waiting and waiting for spiritual soap. We feel abandoned and blind, just searching for anything we might find. The darkness always seems to silently creep in, mainly in the ways of our intentional sin. The thing about the darkness is its sense of light, when everyone is there the bad just feels right. We dig ourselves a grave, assuming it’s the way to be saved. Yeah. Through our mistakes we discover, nothing can truly help us to cover. We soon realize that’s where we are wrong, it’s in those broken moments our hearts can hear this precious song.

Wrong and right, black and white, blameless in his sight. Visualize abundant perfection, see he came to end our separation. His presence astounding, His grace abounding. Awestruck by his being, this world could hardly comprehend what they were seeing. Perfect in every way, our redemption began on his final day. Yes, Jesus came to pave the road, creating this gap between God’s code.

See, my God is of all things. He can sit and chat, or soar on his wings. He created our conscience, with the beauty of independence. Y’all forget about puppets on a string, free will was granted so now we can sing. The only way home is to sing through your life making decisions not of wrong, but of right. God loves us unconditionally, which is why he sent his first born as our penalty. I’m not sure why you want to wait in your sin, weeping and crying as the day’s end. Yea, God’s plan is so much bigger, whether your sight is far, narrow or perfect, our vision is incapable of discovering his limits. So yes, your mind may be blown, but seriously fam, just come home to the throne.

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