Ordinarily Unique

Massed produced at best, individuality is our greatest test. Equipped with the resources for success, we all seem to become caught up with our personal mess. Reaching and reaching for a sign, looking and looking for a new lifeline. Unsure how to be ordinarily unique, oxymoronic this is true, but maybe this mindset can cure this feeling of permanent blue.

Here I sit, stuck between choices; unable to make a decision, how am I supposed to listen to all the voices? Some professing, “follow your dreams” and “reach for the stars” but others are saying, “well, that’s interesting” and “you won’t ever reach that bar.” As the world is screaming be ordinarily unique I’m lost in a hurricane, without the capability of stopping this rain. Taking hits left and right, unable to get a clear line of sight, I’m searching for something, but I just can’t seem to find that one thing. Life seems to be running, but I’m stuck in first gear, incapable of getting out of here.

Indecisiveness is my downfall, who would ever guess when my personality seems so tall? I sit for hours and predict actions, followed by analyzing who, what, where, and why. I’m not sure why my brain doesn’t have an off switch, all I can seem to do is dig myself a deeper ditch. This ditch appearing like a refuge, but this trench is a war zone in disguise, for its actual purpose is to clip my wings before I learn to fly.

Trench work is for those in the majority, those praying to step up into a minority, those hoping for seniority. Fighting in a constant war, who could guess life would never be a bore? Fearing for your life, never really growing up to need a husband or wife. We can wait in our lives looking for direction, or we can be go getters actively seeking imperfect perfection.

We are ordinarily unique, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept defeat. Ordinary means nothing when you know who created all things. See – we are alike in many ways, but we are also masterpieces created to stay. Made not for display, we should ditch our idle way. Taking initiative to pass the compassion, unsure where to start, we are anxious about pursuing action.

We are ordinarily unique, and that makes living quite the feat. Each of us experiencing a different version of this story, rising and falling with the climax learning about life hoping for glory. They say wisdom comes with age, but that’s a lie, you don’t have to be old to discover the power of the truth, breaking every tie. As individuals we are meant to explore the earth, going to the far off places, finding our worth. Let me tell you a secret, worth isn’t found in the valleys between the hills, it’s found anywhere as you learn to sit and be still…

We are the ordinarily unique, the advanced beginners, and the brilliantly dull. We are simply us and that’s just all. We are called to spread love, and I’m not talking about some messenger dove. I’m talking about real authentic love, the kind that hurts, but also heals; it’s rare and precious, open and vulnerable, delicate and raw. But through this love we find new eyes, appreciating life as we soar through the sky.

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