Sweet Serenity

It was something about the collective sigh that the world has when it rains. That gentle pitter patter that soothes my soul. The way my whole body can finally breathe again, as the rest of the world appears to shut down.

I never really understood why people hate the rain. In its purest sense, it’s just nature crying. A genuine example that we don’t have to be happy all the time. It’s a realistic illustration of human emotions.

Maybe, that’s why people hate it, we are utterly scared to feel anything, so we are afraid of everything… Surprisingly the rain never seemed to phase me.

I sit and watch it, mesmerized by the calming sound. I find peace, surrounded by chaos. My own little eye of the hurricane. Lightening and thunder like music to my ears; giving me a rush of life propelling my mind into a whole new world.

As I gaze longingly at the drops as they cascade through the air, a soft smile appears. For even my heart knows, the rain isn’t about sorrow, but of taking a short break before facing tomorrow.

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