Pain, pours down like rain, starting like a sprinkle, then becoming more prominent and potent as it grows. Soon becoming a powerful drizzle, then a downpour, and soon it becomes torrential. Overflowing into your life. Exploiting your body, overtaking your mind. It leaves nothing but destruction, a zone in desperate need of reconstruction. Unfortunately, it keeps coming back, consuming my days, removing the comfort. At this point, what even is comfort? All I’ve known recently is the constant and persistent ache in my bones, the scream of my joints, the sorrow of my limbs, and the defeat of my heart.

So tender and loving. Bubbling with kindness, overflowing with compassion, always there to lend an ear. A shoulder to cry on, and a warm embrace when needed. Handy with the tissues and welcoming to the outsiders. Viewing life like a butterfly, graceful, beautiful, and fragile; and yet, so broken. Creating this constant turmoil, but all you will ever see is a smile.

So what is pain exactly? It’s the soul-debilitating life crushing constant upset in your heart. Physical pain is manageable, creating only a temporary trouble; however, it’s the mental pain that proves problematic. For it digs it’s way into my brain, crashing through my existence, leaving nothing but a hope fanatic. Draining my energy, sapping my hope, and extinguishing my personality.

“Viewing life like a butterfly, graceful, beautiful, and fragile; and yet, so broken.”

So I fight. Constantly. Every single day a battle in this life I call a war. See shoots constantly received but rarely returned. I’m so used to the struggle I’m just living in a bomb shelter. Down away from everyone else, removed from the tragedy. Maybe it’s best, living isolated and innocent. Pent up by this wall, I’m the master architect, building, and building with all my sorrows. Disastrously each and every day soon becomes tomorrow; with the impossibility of freezing time, I’m complacent to wallow in my sorrow. However, this cautious life, while it seems interestingly appealing, is far from satisfying my desire to live with more feeling.

See I need to explore, to breathe in the culture, and to stand in the breeze. To exhale and realize that my world is at peace. Because living in a war zone is catastrophic. It’s nerve racking and life impacting. Changing your persona, see outwardly we appear the same, but on the inside is where the real change came. Suddenly we find that the little details become minuscule, leaving our minds as we forget a life of ridicule.

“Pent up by this wall, I’m the master architect, building, and building with all my sorrows.”

See life is about the bigger picture. Often times we forget to appreciate the moments as they come. Like a camera, snapping pics left and right, without a proper focus it all loses sight. So caught up in life, the world looses its beauty. A fact about life. Pain changes people…
Taking this ardent zeal for life and replacing it with this constant strife. The trick is to feel it, to process it, and accept it without becoming a slave to the unspoken.

So we have to embrace the sun as the heat warms our faces. Allow it to penetrate into our hearts changing them from winter to spring, the great frost now over! And the birds, you hear them sing. While the rains comes on occasion, each and every drop has a purpose, paving the way for our summer, this spring is filled with wonder so you can forget about the occasional thunder.

“Pain changes people”

Pain, Pain is overcome-able, if you have the power to believe. See greater things are happening, for those who look to discover. Fulfilling our purpose and creating a light. So all you gotta do is shine bright.

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