Caught Up

Muddling through the days, seeing life within a haze. Waiting for your Claritin clear moment. Writing down life, like Shakespeare and a sonnet. See – you’re just to caught up.

Watching at the window, waiting for the weather, it’s the rain that makes you feel like wearing a sweater. Just waiting for those atmospheric conditions, so what, forgetting your life’s ambitions. See – you’re just to caught up.

Living in the moment, yeah, it works for some. But you my friend aren’t some, see, you are an elite and an individual, just hoping to make an impact that seems residual. Listening to life, yearning for the end of this midday strife. Unfortunately, this isn’t a problem that plagues today, this is one that comes to stay. See – you’re just to caught up.

Submerged under water, you spend your day gasping, only to find that you’ve been suffocated by time. Hopes and dreams they disappear, all that could matter is getting out of here. Ready to make a difference in the in the community, a fresh new face to create some unity. You consider every chance, waiting for the right song and dance. See – you’re just to caught up.

Life doesn’t happen in years, it happens in months, in weeks, in days, in the hours, through the minutes, and within each and every second. Yeah, Sometimes you forget to look at the bigger picture, studying only your current temporary fixture. Life creates cause so it’s just our job to send the applause. See – you’re just to caught up.

There comes a day when we are required to step out, to live and see what life is all about. Trying to find your perfect rhyme, seeking out what once was mine. See – you’re just to caught up.

Ready to fly, reaching up and touching the sky. Going for the gold, my life won’t be sold. Black and white, turning from darkness to light. Life is changing, time is rearranging, yes, living is engaging. Time to become one, because this present darkness is now done.

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