Perfect Imperfection


Perfect imperfection.

Aspiring for greatness. All alone it seems your best efforts only amount to worthlessness. Feelings of defeat bring down our defense. Who ever would have thought life would get this intense?

“Be ordinary”, screams every fiber of your being. Yet, when it comes to being one – the inspiration is next to being none.

We waste our days acting as if being a member of the crowd is what actually makes us proud. Hiding behind everyone else’s being, we find ourselves stuck in a life we aren’t clearly seeing. We are the authors, writing our lives. But each and every plot is taking the same dives…

Thirsty for action; conflict always seems to meet that demand. Taking our once gorgeous world and becoming rocky land. So we play the games looking for some solid ground to stand. Unfortunately, we all act the same, because victory is a hard feeling too tame.

Blood, sweat, and tears all mean nothing if at the end of the day we aren’t the number one thing. We play and play passing through each and every day. So focused on the gold we fail to see what life can hold. Caught up in our haste, not realizing we are living our lives as if they are a waste.

So we jump- at every chance, looking for success something to start cleaning up this mess. Opportunity is knocking and all we can seem to do is keep talking… The time for action is upon us and we quickly must board the bus. Eager for change we chase our dreams, hand picking the best teams. Shattering the usual, no we aren’t delusional.

Best of the best – cream of the crop – creating a path to the top. One step at a time we find that life isn’t about the end goal, but more about the process that makes us whole. Blowing our own minds, we go farther than we ever dreamed we could find. Making broken beautiful, fragile fierce, and imperfection perfect.

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